About US

We all spend a lot of time and money to find the clothes that represent us but never get what we wanted as art lovers. Blending fashion, art, and function, Galartsy is here for you to make your artsy look speak for you. Not only fashion but all daily items. And it doesn’t end there:
More than just glamorous, they’re high quality, too.
Galartsy was inspired by the desire to surround ourselves with art. Our founder was an art student who was always distinguished by his artistic and unique looks that were praised by many.
Our mission is to make art a lifestyle and get rid of the usual idea that paintings only decorate rooms.

Causes We Support
For each item sold, you are helping rising artists in the third world to afford art supplies due to their high costs to prevent financial factors from stopping creativity. We also aspire to adopt art students academically in the future fully.